Monday, 6 January 2014

sydney- a family holiday1

Without doubt there is always going to be arguments, disagreements and general drama. This is a given with our family holidays and get-togethers. I think this is rather normal. So yes, there was a fair share of this. Especially on christmas, as the weather was crap and we were all forced to spend the whole day together trapped in the apartment. On the whole, it was a good trip. A much needed holiday for everyone I think. As much as we argued we also laughed.

Anyway, my sister took loads of pictures which is very useful. So here is the rundown of what went on. This update is for moo as she wasn't able to come.

On Christmas eve, we went for a long walk across the coasts in Sydney:

We all agreed how great the public workout spaces in Sydney are:

Australia has an ice-lolly called "golden gaytime". hmm. Also I had a very bad spot which took the entire trip to go down.

On Christmas day it was raining. So we had to use umbrellas to protect our precious BBQ.

On boxing day the skies were blue, so I went with chez and padre for a walk in the botanical gardens of Sydney.

We walked to the famous Sydney Opera house and into the center of town.

Hey Look! Its the Sydney Harbour bridge!


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