Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Early March

Meeting up with Taka in Tokyo on Friday night, taking the coach up to Mito and goofing around the whole journey.
Going to the umeshu festival in kairakuen with Taka, Freddy, Randy, his mate Mia and Tiffani. Ridiculous day. No. 21 "you are number 1, the umeshu is number 2". So much plum wine. Meeting Erica, the connect fashion editor and her patronising friend. Meeting up with Mac, going to the Ibaraki restaurant on top of Mito station. Hanging out in the aracades with Freddy and Tiff drinking a bottle of umeshu in a pirikura booth. Taiko drumming machine competition. Going to the duck to meet up the group who had spent the day at Fuji Q. Dancing till 3 in the morning. Going to Dennys at 4 in the morning with Tiff and a very drunk and non-sensical Vince. Ending up at Mac's apartment. Vince wakes up and has no idea where he is. Onsen the next day with Tiff. 

Rileys friend Ben is here. We took him to karaoke last night. I spent a man on almost nothing. Great night of karaoke. Chinese food with daniel, robbie, riley, ben, vince and daedae. Went back to Katsuta, befriended some local police in a tiny bar. Ben chased some cars and then passed out in the toilet of the last bar we went to.