Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I went, nice place, interesting history. No worthwhile stories to tell. ZARA OUT.

special mention goes to Chris Murray, the delightful Scotsman with whom I explored the Naha nightlife with each evening of our trip. Nice one sir.

Highlights also include: driving from the north to south of the island listening to podcasts and getting to know Nicole. Discovering avocado ice-cream. The old Japanese navy underground headquarters. Staying at Dereks the night before the flight with Riley, getting lost trying to find the shop that was literally next door.

Disappointments: rain and the aquarium.

my favourite Japanese band

And, the award goes to.... 'The Fin.'.

I went to see them at a day-festival on Sunday at the infamous Ageha, a venue I've become pretty familiar with, having attended two of the Hostess club weekenders there. I was with Riley and Ku. We managed to meet the band, win their love and hang out with them for the rest of the afternoon. My inner 14 year old is having a field day. What I'm most pleased about is that we were talking to them in Japanese only, which was great practice....well, that, and that they snuck us a bunch of beers from the backstage fridge, as drinks at the festival were expensive, so I saved quite a bit of cash. THANKS FOR BEING COOL THE FIN!

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