Saturday, 24 September 2016

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Go! To Enoshima

It's the first weekend of September, and preparations for fall are in place. Although people have become tired of the sweat and stickiness which drags on with the heat, there is an urge to make the most of the remaining weekends of summer.

Friday night was a little bizarro. In short, it was a sober combination of astrology babble and dealing with my new housemate throwing up all over the floor of the quiet Shimokita bar "Trouble Peach"*...where I can no longer ever go back.

For a bit of peace and chill on a saturday I went with Takuji to the beach at Enoshima.

I knew why I was keen to go to the beach.. for the same reason I always am. Simply put, I love beaches and all of the relaxing that comes along with it.

When he called early morning to confirm the plan, Takuji seemed pretty keen too. I figured he shared my love for sand, sea glass and swimming in the ocean. I later found out this was not the case at all.

Why is Enoshima such a popular destination in Japan right now? Nothing to do with the natural beauty I assure you. Because it's a Pokemon Go! hot spot.

2 hours on the beach. 2 hours running around Enoshima island catching Pokemon. There were actual speaker announcements asking people to be careful whilst moving and playing Pokemon Go.  

No acknowledgement of the scenary:

"There's  a rare Pokemon on the other side of the island we have 45 seconds. .go! Go! Go!!!"

"Damn I didn't get there in time"

I've never seen so many people playing Pokemon Go in one place:

"How am I supposed to catch the Pokemon that's all the way out there? "

Despite the memory, I will first and foremost remember Trouble Peach because Gbro had the logo from the bar tattooed onto his arm.
He did this to cover up a Japan flag tattoo he got as a student. Not sure which is worse.