Thursday, 12 January 2017


We had an onsen weekend in Nagano.

Let me summarise what there is to see in Nagano:
Mountains, snow monkeys, onsens and Aussies on snowboarding holidays (OK I'm just vouching for winter).

It's pretty beautiful. The small town where we stayed reminded me of one of my favourite things outside of the major Japanese cities ...weird old abandoned and run down countryside stuff. Seriously, check out the wonky house, and petrol station.

On our last day we had 5 hours to kill before boarding the bus back to Tokyo. We found a looming cafe and made scarves. My sister has just opened a looming pop up studio in London, so in my absence from London, I was able to somehow feel a part of it.

With our creations:

The thing we enjoyed the most at the Zenkoji temple was throwing rocks onto a frozen lake:

weave that weave that weave that loom:

Petrol anyone?:

Its a snow monkey!

Jigokudani Monkey Park (Snow Monkeys), this means HELL VALLEY:

Vote for photoshopped Abe:

Wonky tonky house. Seriously, how many earthquakes has this probably survived?:

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