Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The new Ghost in the Shell film is a disappointment

Hello Blog,

It's been busy. We finished all the last bits and pieces of moving in together, we even threw a house party which was nice - until police came and shut it down. The only thing left is to sell a kotatsu on Craigslist and (as was discovered last night being the first warm night in 2017), get a summer duvet. Geez how boiling.

I am now cycling to work due to the close proximity - something I am very grateful for. I am also learning to cook, and all-in-all becoming a boring domesticated human. I've even stopped clubbing on the most part - largely due to being stuck in Otsuka - nowhere near the flashy lights and bars of Shibuya or Shimokitazawa where I was previously located. Really, go to bed early or stay out all night to catch first train, spend loads of money and be tired for the whole next week? I've realised the pleasure that comes with being sensible and a new found love for sleep. Extra points go to being in bed by 11pm.

My new position at work has moved me into a new building in a new office on a new project. After the initial excitement, I'm back to a comfortable docile state of existence - minus any office dramas HOORAY!

Basically, things have reached a point where I more or less qualify as an actual adult now. All the boxes are ticked. My skin, however, is rebelling to make a point that I should be living out the rest of my youth with crazy wild excitement - that's why I've started getting aggressive acne that doesn't seem to be disappearing.

Oh well, I should probably just enjoy the current state of smooth-sailing, who knows what none-sense might be around the corner?

Thoughts on the new Gorillaz track?:

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