Thursday, 11 May 2017

Niijima Island: 2017 Edition

On Monday morning, after having spent Golden Week cycling an old rusty mamachari bicycle up and down the green hills of Niijima island, I found myself quickly developing an appreciation for the light and fully-functional road bike that I use for my daily commute.

Despite the insane weather last year, we risked spending another golden week camping on this infamous Izu island. It paid off. Not a single drop of rain, and only one windy night- which I managed to sleep through in its entirety (nice work ear plugs!). Thankfully, others with great cameras and the ability to use them were present, and so, quite selfishly (and of course without permission) I have shared some of them here.

Sleeping on the overnight ferry from Tokyo to the island:

 Ibaraki crew 2017:
 The iskand of Niijima:




 Niijima is covered with beautiful statues:

With my ukelele sensei Taku:

Bonfire on the beach on the last night: 

The campsite at night:

Josh illegally selling coronas on the ferry back:

Till next year Niijima x

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