Sunday, 18 June 2017


Check me out, I live life to the full. I do wacky sport adventures on the weekend and subscribe to #YOLO life choices.

I went canyoning with Joe. We booked the trip through this company.

Look at how comfortable I feel having water fly up my nose:

Yay! zip lining:

There I go baby:

Face first into trouble:

Posing with trees is cool:

Before and after being pulled into the water by the fun-loving instructor:

Safety first everybody:

I came home and made a kiwi-banana smoothie. So tiredddd.

Truth be told, Karl Blau was the real hero of the day:

Yea, the video is a bit whatever, but the song is super smooth. Oh what? You wanted something more "authentic", ok, try this 1971 version by Link Wray:

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