Hello, Zarbaraki here.

I came to Japan after graduating with a social science degree and an anxious sense of "what do I do with my life?". Somehow I'm still here and haven't yet figured it out.
The tone of this blog is "the voice in your head" in the key of "a whiny sarcastic British person". Unfortunately it's not a friendly guide to life in Japan, (which might actually have attracted some viewers). It was created with a single purpose: to record a very strange time in my life.

However, if this disappoints you and you were looking for some insight into life in Japan, or what being an Ibaraki JET might be like, my friend Robbie who served on the JET program for 5 years in Ibaraki (2012-2017) recorded an amazing 1SE video (1 second everyday).

I'm not embarrassed to admit that this video makes me well up with tears every time I watch it. I was there for so many of these memories, and it has somehow captured the tone of Ibaraki JET life so well. I'm so grateful for this, please enjoy:

I now live in a small house in Tokyo with my boyfriend. Our lives are full of dodgeball tournaments, science, izakaya nomihoudais, unusual weekend trips, and the continuing quest to discover all that is weird and wonderful about Japan.

I'm particularly passionate about music, and that's why I like to share music with each blog post. There's not one genre in particular that I listen to the most, and I'm always open to hearing something different.

Here's a playlist of what I'm currently listening to:

Expat in Japan


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