Disclaimer: To any employers who managed to track this site down after my feeble attempts to keep it on the down-low, please note that this blog really is nothing to go by. I don't take it seriously, and neither should you. My LinkedIn profile on the other hand - totally on fire!

Now that that's out the way...

I came to Japan after graduating with a social science degree and an anxious sense of "what do I do with my life?". Somehow I'm still here... and I'm still nowhere near to figuring it out.
The tone of this blog is "the voice in your head" in the key of "a whiny sarcastic British Jewish person". I'm sorry I didn't make more of an effort to write things in a "guide to Japan" manner, which would have made it a little less egotistic and might even have brought in some traffic.

This blog was created to serve as one thing: the record of a very strange time during my life.

Even the posts which are boring and lack content provide some form of nostalgia. If only to myself.

However, if you are interested in what life is like as an Ibaraki JET - my friend Robbie who served on the program for 5 years (2012-2017) recorded an amazing 1SE video (1 second everyday). I'm not afraid to say that it makes me well up with tears every time I watch it. I shared so many of these memories, and I feature throughout. I'm so grateful for this, please enjoy:

If there are problems with viewing please let me know!

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